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Inspiring pictures for Writers – portrait of mother and child


Warning: this is a heartbreak of a painting.
It turns on its head the usual image of a mother and child; here it’s the child offering comfort and protection. It is something that happens often in real life but is rarely shown.
The dark colours of the domestic  interior suggest something has gone badly wrong, even the jaunty wallpaper adds to the sombre atmosphere, but the title offers hope. It’s not Despair or  Hunger or The End. No, it’s Solace and it’s not hard to imagine the pressure of the boy’s arms and his small head on his mother’s back helping her to get up from the table and face whatever has to be faced.
The artist is Renée Radell, mother of five, originally from rural Michigan, who broke into the New York art world. She used her kitchen as a studio and her fridge as an easel.
Solace is a water colour painted in 1958 but it could be almost about any time and any place.

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I discovered this artist and many more on a wonderful website called #womensart

2 comments on “Inspiring pictures for Writers – portrait of mother and child

  1. Henrietta Watson
    February 17, 2017

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  2. bridget whelan
    February 18, 2017

    Thanks Henrietta

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