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Being blown away…ART FOR WRITERS

blew me away

This sculpture is made from found bits and pieces of scrap metal and part of Penny Hardy’s Blown Away series. It’s vital, full of energy and hope.

Blown Away erosion

There’s a totally different feeling coming from this version because it’s a different kind of blown away…
Penny Hardy:
“Using a visual image of the power of wind on my body canvas as a metaphor for the effects on the world’s surface and the ever increasing intensity of the storms our planet is subjected as a possible result of global warming…”

You can find other versions on the artist’s website

Here’s a FOUND POETRY writing exercise inspired by Penny Hardy’s work.

Collect leaflets, promotional material, welfare benefit application forms, anything you can lay your hands. Sometimes the more offical the language the more you can twist it into new shapes to make something exciting and meaningful. But you can choose anything – a passage from a favourite book perhaps.

Choose one that interests you the most and decide on some rules. For it to be Found Poetry you must have a limited amount of text to work with and, while you can only use the words contained in that text, there is some flexibility.
Can you repeat words?
Will you allow yourself the luxury of adding those useful little words we can’t do without such as and, the, in when you need them?  Or will you be very strict and restrict yourself to only what is on the printed page?

Now create a generous, positive poem from this raw material.

And then from the same source construct a poem that makes an argument. Maybe it does even more, maybe it rages and rants…condemns.

Find. Create. Enjoy!



2 comments on “Being blown away…ART FOR WRITERS

  1. Jennie
    September 16, 2017

    I love this!

  2. bridget whelan
    September 20, 2017

    It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

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