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Embroidering people with beauty – ART FOR WRITERS

Ruth Miller pictureRuth Miller creates hand-embroidered portraits from her studio on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Each one takes about a year.

This is what she says about her work:

“Ugly and gross themes I leave to other artists who, as The New York TImes art critic Michael Kimmelman puts it, “mistake shock for awe.”

Neither do I consider bafflement of the public to be a measure of my intellectual depth.  I aim to be understood.  Beyond that, I want to enchant the observer into desiring to live with my art.

Beauty is important and powerful: it has the power to uplift, stabilize and repair.  For that reason, I strive to make each tapestry beautiful.  When I find them beautiful, I begin to love them.  Because I love them, I struggle to get each piece right: synchronizing theme, coloring and drafting.   But beauty alone is not enough.”

It’s tender, sensitive work more like a poem than a novel (and some poems, like some songs, can take years to finish).


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5 comments on “Embroidering people with beauty – ART FOR WRITERS

  1. Jennie
    December 29, 2017


  2. patriciaruthsusan
    December 29, 2017

    Absolutely lovely. —- Suzanne

    • bridget whelan
      December 29, 2017

      And such a tender portrait. You can see more of her work if you click on her name – it’s all stunning.

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