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A blatant plug for a facebook page

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I don’t often mention my facebook page Back to Creative Writing School but I realised that perhaps I should when a loyal follower of this blog contacted me in dismay when she discovered by chance that I curated a page full of information, advice and jokes specifically for anyone who writes or is interested in the process of writing.
So here is an unashamed plug. Right now over on my facebook page you will you find:
* 2011 magazine article by the American novelist Francine Prose (was anyone more destined to become a writer?). Her subject is being inspired by trips abroad and going away specifically to research the sight and smells of a location where things that never happened will happen (in your imagination and in your novel).
* From the education wing of the Royal Literary Fund a very long and very useful list of words and phrases that means X provides evidence of …such as:
shows, determines, proclaims, validates, indicates, confirms etc etc
It should be stuck on the bedroom wall of anyone trying to write an academic essay.

* Scroll down and you’ll find an Irish Times map honouring outstanding Irish women including many writers.
* Travel a bit further and you’ll discover an informative diagram that explains why old books have that wonderful smell, further still and you will find a list of paying markets for writers, news of a short story competition, details of American and international poetry competitions and….you get the idea.
And did I mention jokes? I’m a sucker for a joke about writing.

So, my message is clear. Go away by clicking HERE
Come back often though.

3 comments on “A blatant plug for a facebook page

  1. Don Massenzio
    March 8, 2019

    Reblogged this on DSM Publications and commented:
    If you have a moment, check out author Bridget Whelan’s Facebook page. Details are in this post from her blog.

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